Working To Your Dyspraxic Strengths

5 min readJun 1, 2021

With regards to those of us with Dyspraxia, it can be said that there are a number of weaknesses which many of us would have in common. As such there would be certain professions which the majority of us would struggle to master; to the point at least where we could be called professional. Examples of such professions include;

  • Gymnast
  • Public Orator
  • Organiser (aka project manager)
  • Fast talking salesperson

Now it wouldn’t surprise me if a few of you reading this will disagree with me on this stance due to the fact that you are doing one of these professions as a career and doing very well at it. And whilst that is true, don’t forget that whilst I said the majority of Dyspraxics would struggle with these, not every Dyspraxic will (for even we are all unique).

Anyhow it is said therefore that the key to getting ahead in life is to focus on your strengths and apply them in areas of life that would be beneficial for you. And as we’d be uncovering in this article, what working to your Dyspraxic strengths actually means. Before proceeding, I should just add that if you are not aware of any positive strengths that arise from having Dyspraxia, then feel free to browse my previous article, ‘Advantages Of Dyspraxia; Just What Are They.

So if you have Dyspraxia, then how can you use your Dyspraxic Strengths in life?

Working To Your Dyspraxic Strengths

Whilst I probably don’t know you personally, there is a good chance that you are already somewhere in the middle of your career. As such does this mean that if you want to play to some of your Dyspraxic strengths you’d have to quit your job and find one which plays to your strengths?

Not at all, for the chances are that if you are working in a job where you are performing from an okay up standard, then the chances are that you already have some strengths which you are already bringing to the job. Whether these are the strengths that are common amongst most of us Dyspraxics or not is another question.

In my previous article 'Advantages Of Dyspraxia: Just What Are They?' I outlined some of the common strengths that are common amongst us Dyspraxics. The ones that were mentioned were:

  • Determination and Motivation
  • Long Term Memory
  • Resilience
  • Sense Of Humour
  • Sensitivity & Empathy
  • Strategic Thinking

Since writing this article, I should add that one other advantage that I forgot to mention which is also common amongst us is Creativity. As Dyspraxics, we can be creative in one or several different endeavours.

For instance, some Dyspraxic individuals are talented artists whilst for other Dyspraxics, they can be talented authors. And for others, they can be excellent cooks, creating lovely new dishes without necessarily following a standard menu.

As such, many of us can be creative in various ways (a few of us lucky ones can be creative in more than one avenue). Either way, many of us have a creative side to us. The reason why I mention this is because one thing I have noted amongst creative people is the sheer amount of pleasure they receive when they are pursuing their creative endeavour.

Therefore if you are fortunate enough to have a creative outlet, then do use this strength to your advantage. There are three ways which you can do this, these being:

  1. As a way to relax and unwind when stressed out
  2. As a potential career by selling your creations
  3. To provide utility (joy, pleasure) to the lives of others, be it a painting, food, book, etc.

If you do happen to have a creative flair, then use this to your advantage in one if not more of the above suggested ways. For one thing you might develop a new, exciting career out of it. And at the very least, you will have a nice form of mental escapism.

Our Other Strengths

If you happen to be like myself and not of the creative sort, you can still apply what strengths you do have to improve your life. For instance if you are someone who has a a wicked sense of humour (another Dyspraxic strength) then why not use it to either find the funny side of life and/or make other people laugh.

Likewise maybe you are the type of person who has a warm, empathetic personality. If this is also the case then see if you can apply this strength to be a source of understanding for others. In this world there are lots of people who are struggling with their lot in silence. And often by just being sensitive to their needs, you can become a great source of inspiration and comfort to others.

Yet I feel I should add that with empathy, do make sure that you manage to maintain some emotional distance: in that the problems of others don’t become your problems as well. Unfortunately this is a common downside to an overall Dyspraxic strength…

Another strength that you can use is your natural resilience levels. Many of us with Dyspraxia tend to have high levels of resilience: which when the chips are down can lead us to shine in the eyes of others.

One other strength that we can also use to our advantage is our ability to think strategically. Now this strength can be beneficial in more ways than you can imagine for by being able to think strategically, you can take advantage of almost any situation. For more information on thinking strategically, then feel free to view my previous article, 'Dyspraxia And Strategic Thinking.'

Finally another strength that we also can use to our advantage is our natural strong work ethic which many of us Dyspraxics seem to have. I don't think I have to tell you of the benefits of having a strong work ethic in life.

Working To Your Dyspraxic Strengths

Whilst these are the main strengths of Dyspraxia, don’t expect that you will have all of them: I know I don’t. Yet whichever of these strengths you do have (as well as other strengths you have) do work on enhancing them. To do so will make life easier for you.

Anyhow if you like to know more about Dyspraxia, including the strengths of having Dyspraxia, I recommend you read my book ‘Dyspraxia: How To Thrive As An Adult’ by Alex Gadd. You can find that by clicking here.

Else if you would like to be in a group of fellow Dyspraxics and find more information on this disability, then why not join the Dyspraxia Support Group on Facebook.




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