Verbal Dyspraxia: A Living Hell

We Live In A World Where The Word Is Mightier Than One’s Action.

In most societies throughout the world, what you say as well as how you say it is what influences the majority of people. How often has one been duped to handing over large sums of money to an unscrupulous character who speaks the right way and says the right thing?

  • Speaking either too fast to be understood
  • Having a pitch all over the place; one minute it is too high and in within a couple of sentences it has dropped very low
  • Getting all your words jumbled up

Verbal Dyspraxia Need Not Be A Living Hell

Having grown up with verbal Dyspraxia (as well as other forms of Dyspraxia) I know all too well the difficulties that this type of Dyspraxia can bring. And unfortunately not everyone will be aware of this type of Dyspraxia and so trying to explain it can be a hard thing; especially when you have Verbal Dyspraxia as well.



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I am a Dyspraxic who likes to help others with Dyspraxia with improving their lives and learning more about Dyspraxia.