Improving Your Life One Step At A Time

Kaizen And Dyspraxia

Whilst Kaizen can be of benefit to anyone, I do believe that when it comes to those of us with issues like Dyspraxia, ADHD, etc. it can be of specific usage. Essentially the idea of Kaizen can be summed up as ‘Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement.’ And the way that this is done is by;

Changing Your Life One Step At A Time

So if you were to take the time to chunk down your goals and any mundane task into small, bite sized steps, in theory you would be able to achieve a lot more than you currently think possible. Further still, despite having Dyspraxia, you will not be letting it hold you back as you would be achieving the things that you want to do.



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I am a Dyspraxic who likes to help others with Dyspraxia with improving their lives and learning more about Dyspraxia.