Dyspraxia Combats Terrorism

GCHQ Are Hiring Those With Dyspraxia To Combat Terrorism (And Other Related Problems)

It is no secret that the world is facing many threats today: from rogue nations to terrorists initiating some attack on the country. As such the 'Government Communications Headquarters' or GCHQ works to help foil and halt these attempts. This is done by gathering intelligence and information and passing it on to the relevant authorities, such as MI5, MI6, the government, etc.

Pattern Recognition

Whilst not all Dyspraxics, Dyslexics, etc have this ability to detect patterns (information) out of randomness (data) many do have this ability: as well as other abilities. As such they are able to be of service to the secret service in that they are able to spot things which many others wouldn’t even detect.



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I am a Dyspraxic who likes to help others with Dyspraxia with improving their lives and learning more about Dyspraxia.